Submission Materials

Submission Guidelines

Thank you for being part of TEAM WLSL™ on June 17th, 2021. We truly appreciate your enthusiasm and commitment to serve as an official WLSL Host Location. An important part of your participation in the WLSL event is completing and turning in your submission materials. These documents, log sheets and witness letters, help us add your numbers into our official WLSL participation count. 

To help you be fully prepared to document your WLSL event and have your submission materials ready to send back at the conclusion of your event, we have prepared detailed Submission Guidelines for events that host less than 100 participants and for events that host more than 100 participants. Please click on the blue button for submission materials that best match the size of your WLSL event. We encourage you to review these early in your planning process so that you will be fully ready to document your WLSL event on June 17th.

If you have questions about the submission guidelines, please email Bernadine Buda or call +1-913-599-0300 x201.

Less than 100 Submission Guidelines 100 or more Submission Guidelines