Save The Date

Begin Planning Your WLSL Event

Make the commitment today to join TEAM WLSL™ for the 11th annual World’s Largest Swimming Lesson Event.

Due to delayed opening dates for most aquatic venues brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, the official date for the 2020 World's Largest Swimming Lesson™ has been moved to Thursday, July 16th. Host locations also may host their WLSL event on any day they choose in June, July or August. Choose your own start time that your WLSL event takes place at the best time for your local market!

Help us make our 11th year the biggest, loudest, splashiest event ever by continuing to spread the message that Swimming Lessons Save Lives™.

To help you start promoting your WLSL event, download one of our 2020 Save The Date Kits today.

 Save the Date Kit-June 18     Save the Date Kit-July 16     Save the Date Kit-No Date

 This Kit includes:

  • A ready-to-send media advisory announcing your facility's participation in WLSL 2020
  • Fun, full-color web banners to begin promoting your event to moms, dads and kids in your community on websites and social media feeds
  • 2020 logo and snipe files for posting on event calendars and for use in dozens of other ways

Remember, it’s never too early to start generating interest in your WLSL program -- from the local media and your participants! The work you put in now will pay off later as you see more people come out to participate in this life-saving event.


Call +1-913-599-0300 and speak with Bernadine Buda or email her today.


How We Help You
Market Your Event

Registered WLSL Host Locations receive:

  • Access to the 2020 WLSL Host Location Portal Page, which outlines how to conduct a successful WLSL event
  • The official 2020 WLSL Curriculum
  • Print ready promotion materials including: WLSL Logos, snipes, web banners, flyers, posters, yard signs, Snapchat filter and WLSL email templates. (Samples shown are from the 2018 event)
  • Press release and media advisory templates
  • WLSL water safety tip sheet
  • WLSL water safety message web banners
  • 2020 WLSL participant recognition certificates
  • 25 signature bright orange WLSL Swimming Lessons Save Lives™ wristbands
  • For city groups of more than three facilities, you will receive 75 wristbands. Additional wristbands can be purchased at Wristbands will be mailed out up until July 3rd, which is the last day of registration